Hello Tuesday!

Transform your thinking on a Tuesday.

Don’t look at the chaos after the flood and feel defeated. Change your perspective and choose to see the beauty. You didn’t die, it didn’t break you. You learnt to swim, you learnt to stand. You learnt to trust in something/someone bigger than you.

Depression taught you to endure. Loneliness reinforced your resolve. Loss taught you to appreciate what you have. The storm allowed you to grow. Go inside and learn who you are. Change your mind about your circumstance and see beauty in the mess.

First, grow in. Then grow out in order to grow up. Challenges teach us this.




I recognize things in me, which I have allowed to stay.

There are things that have left and I am beckoning it back home.

This is the process.

This is the unlearning.

This is how I grow.


Girls and boys

She gives it all, because that’s what she’s been taught. Her sanity. Her sanctity. Her voice. Her worth. Her body. Her dignity. All of her joy, her fire. Her peace. All of the dreams she could dream. All of the beings she could be. Her.

To him. Him who takes and destroys because that’s all that he learnt. He fights. He breaks. He roars. He tramples. He crushes…all of the things he doesn’t know how to feel.



Beloved, Unclench those fists, your jaw. I know you have had to fight and that you need to be strong, but just for now Untie those knots in your stomach. Worrying is doing nothing but make things worse, make you worse. So, Unwind your mind. Let those dark thoughts go and make room for light. Undo yourself from that situation, from that person, from the tension and Breathe. Give yourself the peace you deserve.


Us girls

Some creative pieces, whatever genre, leave you with so much food for thought.

“Let her be born and handled warmly.”

I watched For Colored Girls again. Released in 2010, it had a lot to say. In 2019, this movie is still so relevant.

It weaves a tapestry of sadness, disappointment, betrayal and disillusionment but there’s an underlying hope, a strength and a survivor instinct that is innate in women that shines through.

So apart from the obvious stand-outs in this movie (the part about men sailing through life on their boat of entitlement just because they have a penis) what stood out for me today, was the sad reality that we as women often leave women to struggle alone.

Ladies, we have to do better!

We have to ensure that our mothers, daughters, sisters, friends are ‘handled warmly’. We have to show those who have forgotten or lost their way, which direction the Light is.

Pray for her, love on her, speak life over her and remind her of her worth. Let her know that she is essential.

Us girls…we’re the ones

We are the keepers of our own light and fire and zest

Us girls…We are the ones

In order to survive and thrive, we do our best

Us girls…We’re the ones

Who give and let go and set aside, for all of them

But no more

Us girls…We’re the ones

and now is the time to turn all of that around, doing it together

no more playing second fiddle

Us girls…we’re the ones

Center stage, taking charge, igniting the spark inside me, you, her, she, Us.

We are the voices, the warriors, the nurturers, the peace-givers, the joy-makers, the super heroes.

Us girls…we are the ones.


Wild woman

Wild you

Don’t let them

Tame you

Cage you

Turn you

Change you

At all costs

Stay you

Be you

True you

Wild you

LoveLee© August 2018


Being captive, does not make a lioness less of a predator. By no means does that diminish her instincts, her hunting prowess, her ability to fight to protect her cubs or to kill for her livelihood. If faced with danger, she will jump right into action and do what a lioness does. She never forgets who she is.

What, lovely one, makes you less so? Whatever your captor is called, an abusive relationship, depression, inferiority complex because your overweight/underweight, too short, too tall or whatever. Remember who you are. You are not the mistakes you made. You are not what happened to you. You are not your circumstance. Roar lioness, be defined by the wild inside you.


Dancing with you

pas de deux

Pas de deux (noun)

  • A dance for two performers
  • An intricate relationship or activity involving two parties or things

Stomach in. Chest out. Shoulders square…and one…and two…and three…and four…

And sometimes I miss a step. Sometimes the noise is so loud that I don’t quite hear the music. So I miscount and go too far. I confess, sometimes I trip over my insecurities. Trip over my fears. No matter how many hours of practice I put in, I often forget that I was to turn left instead of right. I get confused and dizzy from spinning around the same situations so many times. Sometimes I’m exhausted and I just don’t want to carry on.

But look how wonderful my Father is. He knew that I won’t be able to do this dance on my own.

I could not have asked for a better partner. He’s steadfast. He’s sturdy. He never misses a beat. He has a firm grip on me.

All I have to do is trust that He’s there. When I fall, He will catch me. He’s proven that over and over. He’s constant. He’s consistent. He’s persistent. He keeps perfect count. His rhythm of total grace is unforced. A pace I can keep up with.

As He steadies me, I put my head on His chest and allow Him to gently sway me to the sound of His heartbeat for me. He guides my footsteps and I follow Him in total confidence across the stage of life. I’m safe. I’m protected. I’m strong. I’m steady.

My God, my Abba, my Lover, my Strength…thank you for your unfailing word. Isaiah 41:10 tells me that I don’t have to worry, You got me. And now, as so often before, You reminded me of that again. No matter how many times I fail you. No matter how many times I forget that I don’t have to do anything on my own, You remain consistently patient with me. I love you. I surrender to your grace.